The World of Flavours

Flavours conjure up this wonderful picture in the memory of our mind.

Can you remember a certain event, place or time where you experienced an aroma so unique, that every time you smell it, no matter where you are, you are immediately transported to that occurrence, location or moment?

The same goes for taste.

How often haven’t you heard someone say when tasting a

particular food or candy “this reminds me of how gran used to

make it” or something similar and immediately that person can

transport themselves back to that time and place?

This is the wonderful world of flavours. It is the perception of what is and what used to be. We taste not only with our tongues, but also with the embedded memories of our past. It is this perception which we encapsulate in either a liquid or powder form, add it to our food or beverage and the picture is complete. Welcome once again to the

Creative and ever changing world of flavours.

Watch this space…….