Let nature be the inspiration that colours your culinary world.

Michaelona has a range of natural and synthetic colours that are available as a water- or oil soluble, liquid or powder.

We supply a range of natural colours that have E numbers and a range of concentrated extractions derived from plant, vegetable and fruit sources that require no additive E number.

Some colouring pigments in nature are:

  • Turmeric, the pigment is known as curcumin and the colour it yields is yellow to greenish yellow. Good in baked goods, ice-cream and confectionery.
  • Paprika pigment from the Capsicum annum pepper yields the orange-red colour well suited for savoury applications.
  • Lutein is extracted from marigold flowers, the colour pigment (carotenoid) yield a warm yellow to orange/red colour.
  • Annatto from a South American shrub yields a range of colour hues from light yellow to deep blood orange.
  • Carmine, (Cochineal) is from the an insect that feeds on cacti and yields a bright red hue.
  • Anthocyanins occurring in grape skin, purple carrot, purple sweet potato and more can solve the red hue sought after in many beverage applications.
  • Chlorophyll pigment is present in all green plants. The extracts for colouring food are mostly derived from spinach, nettle and grasses.
  • Caramel Colour

    Caramel colour is the most popular food colour. The colour is mostly derived from heating wheat or sugar beet carbohydrates. These colours are labelled with their E (additive) number

    • 150a or Class l: processed using acids, alkalis and salts
    • 150b or Class ll: processed using Sulphite
    • 150c or Class lll: processed using Ammonia
    • 150d or Class lV: processed using ammonia and sulphite

We can supply all the variants for your caramel needs.

While not popular in food aimed at children, we do supply synthetic colours to the food industry.
These are basic primary food colours that do not have hazardous effects. Synthetic colours are still widely used in soft drinks, confectionery, jams and jellies, coatings and more.

Contact us for all your yellow, blue, red to purple, and green to black options.