Our services include customized flavour, fragrance, and seasoning development, as well as application work with customer’s unflavoured base product. We share our knowledge of what is trending in the flavour and in the culinary market industry.

In our application facility we can apply flavours and or colour to your end product to evaluate the suitability to your target market. The application and formulation process provides an opportunity for a creative briefing session in which a clear outline of the project and product is defined. Our panel of trained sensory panellists give an umbrella assessment of the complete product.

We are competent in working with

  • Powder beverages
  • Liquid beverages, including alcoholic, carbonate & still drinks
  • Sport supplement powders
  • Meal replacement powders
  • Working in conjunction with our customers to help them achieve their desired end product
  • Pharmaceutical: Overcoming the offensive medicinal base taste
  • Formulating recipes

Our customers have great ideas and our task is to turn those ideas into the best tasting products possible.

Michaelona will continue the development journey with our customers until the project is completed to their satisfaction.

Allow our team to combine our expertise with your expectations.

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