Savoury Snack Bars

Savoury Snack Bars
Convenience has the upper hand in the food marketplace of 2015, but health awareness sits very close on its heels. “Nutrition-on-the-go” is the biggest new growth area within the food industry. Endless options of chocolate-dipped, candy enrobed, sugary-sweet energy bars abound in supermarkets, convenient stores and health shops.

Food trends have been favorable toward innovation in recent years and so, The Savoury Bar was born at long last. This direction is being led by the sports and nutrition sector as Australian taste buds become more adventurous in a global interconnected world.

From a health viewpoint, a savoury taste perception trumps a sweet experience; but athletes dream of a savoury, indulgent, low-calorie, and guilt-free snack. The new health bar is full of savoury goodness and high protein ingredients combined with alternative sweeteners in a delectable, gratifying, gourmet bite.

Already the market has seen nut cluster bars with Thai Chilli, Honey, or Hickory Smoked BBQ, Mustard, Jalapeno and Wasabi. Lookout for nut and seed-based bars that is lower on the sweet stuff, like Pumpkin Spice Flax Crunchy Granola Bars, rosemary infused bars or a beautiful blend of tomato, oregano & red peppers that will make a bar a “mini-meal”; not candy but good, nutritious, healthy food.

The time is ready to venture into meaty flavours like chicken, beef and lamb and combine them in the snack bar pot with cranberries, lemons, mint and mango to appease the adventurous, health committed consumer.

Recycle traditional potato crisp flavour favourites into snack food bars like Teriyaki Chicken, Thai Chili, Honey Mustard, Pizza, Cracked Pepper & Herbs as well as various cheese varieties in combination with nutritious bases of kale, kelp, sweet potato, pumpkin or a variety of other high protein foods.

These exciting new savoury flavour combinations present endless taste avenues to explore. The umami snack market is still young, growing and far from saturated; so throw a few innovative flavours into the bag and happy chewing……