Cuisines around the world

Cuisines around the world
By Rosalie Ritter-Jones

People and countries around the world have very different customs and cultures, the most diverse of which is cuisine. Whether it’s the spicy Mediterranean flavours of the Middle East, the classic subtleties of the French, or the funky, fishy street flavours of Asia, there are abundant dishes, flavours and aromas to experience.

Every morning an assortment of diverse breakfasts starts the day around the world. In Australia we might have some toast or cereal, or eggs and bacon with avocado, or even yoghurt and berries. Across the globe from Australia, the Chinese eat their traditional breakfast of dumplings, steamed buns, noodles and tea; and the Japanese are enjoying fish, fermented soy beans, miso soup, tofu and tea. Americans favour more Western flavours; smoky bacon, eggs, waffles and pancakes with maple syrup, bagels. In Mexico, they eat tortillas, rice, beans and spicy chilli. The Spanish have a small meal of coffee with cereal, pastries or churros. Vietnamese breakfast consists of pho, noodles, sticky rice or congee; and in the Middle East, more Mediterranean flavours are popular, olives, goat’s cheese, labneh (marinated yogurt cheese balls), flat bread, and spices.

Countries are also known for particular dishes, cooking styles and the iconic flavours they use. Japan is well known for its fish markets, high quality sushi, pickled ginger, sesame, wasabi, miso, tofu and seaweed.

The French have a more classic cuisine; elegant dishes, world class gastronomy, an abundance of fine wines and cheeses. Rich flavours of thyme, tarragon, onions and garlic, wine, butter, cheese, cream, mushrooms and bay leaves.

Middle East and Mediterranean regions celebrate the piquant flavour of goat’s cheese, sheep’s feta, flatbreads, capers, garlic, olives, fennel, mint, yoghurt and lemon. Moroccan cuisine is more spicy and African, rich with the flavours of dried fruit, saffron, turmeric, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, paprika and pepper.

Chinese dishes use a lot of soy sauce, plenty of chilli, noodles, garlic, ginger and spring onion. South American and Mexican cuisine features beans, corn, salsa, guacamole, chimichurri, chilli, capsicum, tomato, garlic, different cheeses and meats. The Spanish revere olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, onions, oregano, nuts, rosemary, saffron and thyme; while the fresh, punchy flavours of coriander, fish sauce, chilli, shrimp paste, nuts, fried shallots, lime, coconut and mint assault the senses in the markets and stalls of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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